Web Design with WordPress

We can build your site together.  I can teach you some or all.  You can have as many sessions as you need to get your site up and running.  There is no contract and we can book in half hour or hour increments.

Whether you are a beginner or have some design experience this will help you create a crystal clear website.

1. Register the Right Domain Name

Your domain name is very important.  There are a few tips and tricks to picking the right one for you and your brand.

2. Choose a reliable web hosting company. I prefer NameCheap. I have found them to be very helpful and great pricing.

There are many different types of web hosting companies and plans, each with its own capabilities when it comes to the amount of storage space, technical support, server speed and reliability.  It’s important you choose the right hosting and email set up as it can have a big impact on your business.

3. Select colors, fonts and more for your brand.

You want your site to reflect your identity but still be easy to read and scroll through.

4. Make a Logo together!

It’s a lot easier than you think. You can save so much money learning about apps and programs that will help you create the look and feel you want to project from you and your brand.

 5. Gather Information for Your Website

Create pages and posts that will help get your name and business out there.  Showcase your services and offerings. It helps do do a little research to see what you like about other sites and what you don’t like.  It’s also good to know what is the industry standards for your field of expertise.  Do you have to reflect certain licensing and follow certain protocols to not violate any company laws or copyrights?

6. Source and Create Images and Banners for Your Website

Making your own images and banners helps save you tons of money and then you don’t have to purchase other photos or images and you stay legit with copyright and infringement laws.

7. Create Videos and Upload them to Video Hosting Platform

Multiple video hosting resources to embed your videos into your site.

8. Plan Layout and Structure of Your Website

Before you start building your website, jot down on paper what you want it to have and how you want the menus and pages to look and appear.

9. Install WordPress

Installing WordPress on your hosting account is very easy to do.  Learn the steps on how to do this and much more.

10. Choose WordPress Theme and Install It

There are many free themes to try out to see if you like their responsiveness, design, and optional add ons.  You can decide after using it if you want to proceed in purchasing the full theme or try a different one. It is all about you feeling comfortable. You can wind up spending many hours changing colors and such and not get to the final design.  Sometimes less is really more.

11. Add Text, Images, Slideshows, Videos, Photo Galleries, Maps

There are so many plug-ins to help you

12. Install and Configure Plugins for Additional Functionality

Plug-ins can create appointments, shopping carts and take payments. There is so much out there to help you promote you business.  Make a list early on of what you know you are going to need.

14. Check How Your Website Looks in Different Browsers and On Different Devices

When you have designed your website it’s important that you check how it looks on different devices and in different browsers.We show you how to test your website before you launch it.

15. SEO

Do you really need it and how to get it easily.

16. Backup Website

There are many things that can go wrong with technology and although the web hosting company does regular backups, these are created in case something happens to the server and are generally NOT suitable for single website recovery.  We will show you how to back up your website and discuss the best website security practices.

17. Share your new site on all your social media!