The formation of JUDAS PRIEST - Interview with Al Atkins
"Sometimes it's just about the right time at the right place..." - September 2020

WHITE CRONE - Interview with Lisa Mann
"It occurred to me one day while listening that I didn't have to follow some sort of rules" - June 2020

LORD OF LIGHT - Interview with Nicklas Kirkevall
"I think we have the chance to contribute something really meaningful" - January 2020

AGENT STEEL - Interview with John Cyriis
"I'm just a person who seeks solace and peace in life, whilst searching for answers, like everyone else. I'm a student in this evolving universe, nothing more, nothing else..." - October 2019

LORD VICAR - Interview with Kimi Kärki
"Doom Metal is alive and well, even if it smells rotten at times" - July 2019

TANITH - Interview with Russ Tippins
"Music is my life" - May 2019

LEATHER - Interview with the Voice of the Cult, Leather Leone
"I don't live my life with regrets, it is as it was. I'm still here to change and improve all of it"

"You can't fire slaves, I guess?" - Damond Jiniya speaks about SAVATAGE. An honest interview about poets and madmen in the music industry - May 2019

COUNT RAVEN - Interview with Dan Fondelius
"Doom is more than just rock music, it is many things"

GATEKEEPER - Interview with Geoff Blackwell
"I feel that nostalgia is one of the greatest cultural exports of our generation" - December 2018

CRIMSON GLORY - Interview with Jon Drenning, Jeff Lords, Ben Jackson, and the story of "Transcendence".
"Midnight was our voice, our soul and our demons, all combined" - Jon Drenning - November 2018

HEIR APPARENT - Interview with Terry Gorle
"There is a common element in several of our songs over the years, speaking to individual strength and the quest for knowledge. To be independent in the sense that you use your own mind and not be an unquestioning follower or victim of deception" - October 2018

OPEN BURN - Interview with  Eric William Johns, Dell Hull, Glen Cook and Jerry Hartman
"Music is the oldest form of communication we know to exist" - July 2018

MANACLE - Interview with Inti Paredes
"Music is both a way of expression and release for me, so it means everything! Without it I die!" - May 2018

CARONTE - Shamanic ritual with Dorian Bones
October 2017

NIGHT DEMON - Interview with Jarvis Leatherby
"People need to be able to be who they are and listen to what ever the hell music they want to without some internet bully telling them they can’t" - November 2016

ASSASSIN'S BLADE - Interview with Peter Svensson
"Our main focus is to create something that we enjoy playing and listening to ourselves" - March 2016

CHASTAIN - Interview with David T. Chastain
"I always considered CJSS an American Metal Band and Chastain more of a European sounding metal band" - July 2015

CANEDY - THE RODS - Interview with Carl Canedy
"Fun, hard work, sex, no drugs and Rock and Roll" - May 2015

IRONSWORD - Interview with Tann
"We’ve been around for 20 years and I’ve never imagined we would last this long" - March 2015

WALPYRGUS - Interview with Scott Waldrop
"Have an artistic vision and don’t worry about finding a people to fit in with" - November 2014

October 2014

MILLENNIUM - Interview with Mark Duffy & Mike Muskett
September 2014

TEN - Interview with Gary Hughes
January 2013  

ALIEN - Interview with Ken Sandin
January 2013

MEMORY GARDEN - Interview with Tom Bjorn
December 2012

AGATUS - Interview with Eskarth The Dark One
"Throughout the years I have attempted to create a unique sound which I feel I have achieved" - December 2012

OMEN - Interview with Kenny Powell
"You cannot change the past, you can only hope to learn from it" - November 2012

VALIDORInterview with Odi Thunderer
October 2012

AIR RAID - Interview with Andreas Johansson & Michalis Rinakakis
September 2012 

ADRAMELCH - Interview with Vittorio Ballerio
"The Lights are the sparkling flames that sometimes, somewhere seem to be noted... the hope is not dead" - August 2012

RAVENSIRE - Interview with Nuno Mordred
"This nostalgia trip is one of the things that’s destroying the scene nowadays" - August 2012

SPARTAN WARRIOR - Interview with Dave & Neil Wilkinson
August 2012

SLOUGH FEG - Interview with Mike Scalzi
"I don’t think underground metal is necessarily free of trends, that’s for sure" - July 2012

DAWNBRINGER - Interview with Chris Black
"Generally speaking, making art is a difficult profession" - July 2012

PRAYING MANTIS - Interview with Chris Troy
"Making mistakes is part of life" - July 2012

SINISTER REALM - Interview with John Gaffney
June 2012

"Steve (Harris) always knew what he wanted and he run the band with an iron fist" - June 2012

HARLAN CAGE - Interview with L.A.Greene
"Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on a rubber floor that keeps bouncing me back no matter how many times I fuck up" - May 2012

HOUR OF 13 - Interview with Phil Swanson
May 2012

EVIL-LYN - Interview with Anssi Salonen, Marko Niemi & Johanna Ruto
April 2012

BURNING STARR - Interview with Jack Starr
January 2012

CLOVEN HOOF - Interview with Lee Payne
December 2011

EMERALD - Interview with Bert Kivits & Paul van Rijswijk
November 2011

HEIR APPARENT - Interview with Terry Gorle
"Behind the scenes during the recording of 'One Small Voice', they were plotting to remove me from the band when the album was finished. They stole my dream, my band, my publishing credits..." - October 2011

WARLORD / LORDIAN GUARD - Interview with William J Tsamis
August 2011

MANILLA ROAD - Interview with Mark Shelton & Randy Foxe
August 2011

FATES WARNING - Interview with Mark Zonder
Posted May 2011 (written in Greek, first appearance at Cloak & Dagger 'zine - February 2010)  


Selected interviews from those I have conducted for Rockway (written in Greek) during 2010 - 2011:

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Συνέντευξη με τον Tom Phillips
Μαϊος 2011 
U.D.O. - Συνέντευξη με τον Udo Dirkschneider
Μαϊος 2011

KINGDOM COME - Συνέντευξη με τον Lenny Wolf
Μάρτιος 2011

ACCEPT - Συνέντευξη με τον Wolf Hoffmann
Φεβρουάριος 2011

CRYSTAL VIPER - Συνέντευξη με την Marta Gabriel
Νοέμβριος 2010 

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